About Giffords Recycling

At Giffords, we believe wood is too good a resource to end up in landfills – and we also hate wood waste. On those two core beliefs an award-winning, multi-million-pound business has grown – proving that our wood recycling projects make commercial as well as environmental sense.

Wood Recycling Company


We have gained national and international recognition for our pioneering, environmentally-friendly work using 100% recycled wood. We understand the market because we have a passion for it. For us, recycling wood is more than a business, it’s a whole way of thinking and one that your business could benefit from.


Our purpose-built facility in the centre of England is widely regarded as the most cutting-edge, state-of-the-art operation of its kind, not only in the UK but in Europe. From there we produce an innovative range of ground covering products for a wide range of applications, each painstakingly researched and developed to meet the specific needs of several distinct markets.

  • Surfaces & bedding for equestrian uses

  • Playgrounds

  • Landscapes

  • Pallets

  • Growing mediums

  • Recycling

RECYCLE At Giffords, we believe in extending the life of the timber, time after time. Our passion for recycling dates back to 1980 when the business began and environmental issues had a much lower profile. Giffords’ understanding that natural resources are finite and precious, drives our commitment to recycling. So today, we are a bespoke recycling business that can process your wood and waste timber legally, economically, and ethically.