Cushionchick® - our cost effective Poultry Bedding, has found acceptance with many of the U.K.’s leading integrators and private contract growers. Through consultation with the Poultry industry, Giffords have engineered a blend of particle sizes resulting in a highly absorbent, yet friable medium, the advantages of which include potential reductions in hock burn, breast blister and Pododermatitis.


Diligent management of feed source ensures low moisture content and our “just in time” manufacturing policy minimises the potential for mould growth often associated with stored or damp timber products.


To meet with standards set by the Poultry Industry, Cushionchick is subjected to ferrous, non-ferrous and particle extraction leading to the production of a clean product unparalleled in the recycling sector.


Cushionchick is supplied in Bulk, 1m3 Tote bags or Compressed 20kg Palletised Bales.

Interested parties wishing to discuss spreading ratios and potential supply of our poultry bedding may contact our sales team on

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  • Cost effective

  • Used by the UK's leading industries

  • Extremely absorbent

  • Comfortable

  • Reduces risk of ailments

  • Low moisture content

Call us on 0121 553 1910 for enquiries about Cushionchick poultry bedding, alternatively use our contact form.



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