Our Story

West Bromwich Pallets Limited was originally set up in 1983 to refurbish and sell used pallets. Having invested in a manufacturing machine and pallet sortation system, we have the capability to manufacture any size and shape of wooden pallet. Made entirely from recycled wood, "Newlife" pallets save our customers thousands of pounds each year and assist them in meeting their own recovery targets.

Our Wood Fibre products were launched in 1992 as a direct result of seeking an alternative use for end of life wood and wooden pallets.  Previously the wood was burnt or sent to landfill. Since the company began in the early 1980’s Giffords has relocated 4 times, each time out growing the site as the business expanded. In 2003 we purchased an 8 acre site which was considered a blot on the landscape and in need of remediation.

Giffords invested over £5,000,000 developing the site, and then added a further 3 acres when an adjoining piece of land became available at a cost on £1.2m. The site is now a purpose built facility in the centre of England and is widely regarded as the most cutting-edge, state-of-the-art operation of its kind, not only in the UK but in Europe.

From there we produce an innovative range of ground covering products for a wide range of applications each painstakingly researched and developed to meet the specific needs of several distinct markets. Our two wood grinding lines consist of the highest standard equipment available, and are capable of producing tonnes of product per year.

The Company re-branded in 2006 and became Giffords Recycling Limited. Giffords have increased wood recycling by successfully creating brand new recycled products and selling them in harsh and competitive marketplaces.


Europe’s most cutting edge
wood recycling company
fuelled with passion
to improve the world
we live in . . .