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Garden Mulch Suppliers ImageOur Enviromulch is now Available in 5 Exciting Colours!


Enviromulch® – A pioneering landscaping and garden mulch made from naturally seasoned woodfibre. Perfect for golf courses, hotels, nature trails and council landscaping, Enviromulch is also ideal for domestic use.


Enviromulch regulates soil temperature and provides outstanding moisture retention thus saving on watering in summer months. Available in a range of colours, Enviromulch is also long lasting and suppresses weed growth, saving time and energy.


It was developed by Giffords for the European market. As is true of many successful products, Enviromulch is often imitated – but never surpassed.


Made from naturally seasoned soft woodfibre, Enviromulch is the ideal landscaping and garden solution for anybody with grounds and landscaping requirements.


Made from 100% recycled wood this superb range of coloured garden mulch looks great, acts tough and lasts longer – as well as being environmentally friendly. And because it is made from organic matter, decomposes much more slowly than traditional barks, it’s more cost-effective too.

That’s why it’s the choice of local authorities all over Britain and perfect for golf courses, hotels, nature trails and traffic islands as well as domestic use for driveways and garden pathways – even potted plants. Giffords are a garden mulch suppliers, as well as offering a bespoke consultancy service and all the help and advice you need to get the most out of the best decorative landscaping surface around.


Available loose or in tote bags.

  • Ideal for all seasons - doesn't freeze

  • Excellent drainage

  • Good moisture retention

  • Low maintenance

  • Regulates soil temperatures

  • Safe and clean

  • Reduces soil erosion and wear

  • Suppresses weed growth

  • UK Delivery

  • Easily disposed

Call us on 0121 553 1910 for any enquiries about our Enviromulch garden mulch, alternatively use our contact form.



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