Enviromulch FAQ

How is the Enviromulch supplied?

Enviromulch is supplied either loose or bagged.

The minimum order quantity for loose Enviromulch is 15m³.



How many bags are on a pallet?

There is 1 or Tote bags per pallet


How big are the bags?

Each bag holds approx 200kg



Will the driver carry the Enviromulch to the back of the building?

The driver will deliver the product as near as possible to your premises, but unfortunately, he will not be able to move it for you. This will be entirely your own responsibility.


Do I need a membrane?

It is up to each individual, a membrane would prolong the life of the product.


How easy will it be to remove litter from the Enviromulch?

Litter will just sit on top and does not penetrate into the product, which makes it easy to see and remove.


I just want to cover some old paving stones

If the product is just for covering an area, the Enviromulch will sit on top, it will knit together even on slopes.


Will my pet dig up the Enviromulch?

Not usually, when product knits itself together they see is as a solid surface.


Enviromulch seems too fine for landscape mulch, will it blow away?

The Enviromulch is shredded in mixed particle sizes, the small particles drop to the bottom which suppresses weed growth, leaving only the larger particles on the surface.


I only want a few bags, can I buy from my local DIY store?

NO – supplied from Giffords only.