Cushionbed®– An equine bedding system for use in stables as an alternative to shavings or straw. Manufactured from a blend of softwood and hardwood fibres all 100% recycled, Cushionbed provides stability and comfort for the horse. With low dust and odour levels, time saving in bed maintenance and reduced costs, our product also has an environmentally friendly after-use.

Cushionbed is a unique horse bedding system which is used in both the professional market and by the one horse owner. We have worked closely with equine experts to develop a fibre-cushioned bedding material that is quick and economic to use.

Instantly recognizable with its distinctive packaging, Cushionbed is a unique horse bedding system. Using a blend of recycled soft and hard naturally seasoned wood fibres, we produce a fibre-cushioned bedding material that’s quick and economic to use.

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  • Buy direct

  • Virtually dust-free and odourless

  • Absorbent, easy to clean

  • Does not cling to mane, tail or hoof

  • Tested in the most demanding conditions

  • Available in easy-to-handle approx 20 kg bales

  • Proven to improve hoof quality

  • Safe and clean – 100% safe and non-toxic

  • Tested by veterinary colleges

For an expert, reliable service and a quality product at the most competitive price, order direct from us. We cater for all sizes of order, from 30 bales to over 800. As well as supplying Cushionbed, Giffords offer a tailored consultancy service, working closely with you to understand your needs and including help and advice on how to get the most out of the very best equine bedding around.

Call us on 0121 500 4910 for any enquiries about our wood chip horse bedding, alternatively use our contact form.



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