Cushionfall FAQ

Will your driver help lay the product?

Unfortunately the driver cannot help with the laying of the product. The product will either be tipped or left on your drive.

Will the driver carry the Cushionfall to the back of the building?

The driver will deliver the product as near as possible to your premises, but unfortunately he will not be able to move it for you. This will be entirely your own responsibility.


Why is the colour still coming off the Cushionfall?

The colour always needs time to seal into the product; if the weather is damp or wet you will need to leave the product a few days before you use it. There is nothing harmful in the colorant used and should wash off easily with a standard washing detergent.


Will the Cushionfall catch fire??

No, you would need air within the product and the product to be very dry. The product compacts itself together which makes it virtually impossible to catch alight.


Will broken glass be easily visible?

Yes, it would sit on top.


Do I need a membrane?

It is up to the individual, if you have got a good budget then yes, a membrane would prolong the life of the product.


What sort of retaining boards can I use for the side?

Any boards, some people use rolled logs or railway sleepers, the main thing you should check is that there are no nails or sharp edges.


How do I lay the Cushionfall? Will I need a qualified installer?

Anyone can lay Cushionfall, all you need to do is to tip it on to the play area and rake it across – (always ensure that you lay at the correct depth).


How easy will it be to remove litter from the Cushionfall?

Litter will just sit on top and does not penetrate into the product, which makes it easy to see and remove.


How many bags will fit into a wheelbarrow?

You would be able to fit four/five bags into a standard wheelbarrow.


Could I put the Cushionfall onto mud?

No, you would need to put a self-draining membrane first. If not you will find you would loose the wood fibre in the mud. If the area is always muddy you need to consider a layer of hardcore before the membrane.


I just want to cover some old paving stones

If it is just for covering an area, the wood fibre will sit on top, it will knit itself together even on slopes.


Do i need any special tools for installing?

No, just a rake.


Will my pet dig up the cusionfall?

Not usually, when product knits itself together they see it as a solid surface.

Laying Instructions

Cushionfall ® must always be positioned outside of the equipment, using the recommended depth.

Cushionfall ® is free draining – if you find the soils not free draining we suggest a semi-permeable, geo textile membrane be laid down first and the Cushionfall laid on top.

Cushionfall ® can be rolled or trodden down under foot.



The only maintenance required is to ensure that the main areas are raked over to ensure the minimum depth applies.


During very dry periods, we would recommend a liberal spraying with water.