Cushionride Arena Surface top-up FAQ

What is Cushionride?

A seasoned woodfibre product, which has been manufactured and developed over the last 17 years.


How does Cushionride work?

The fibres, root and knit together to form almost like a cork bed, this process is accelerated if watered and rolled on initial installation.


How deep should Cushionride be?

The minimum depth required at either top-ups, new installation indoor or out should be a minimum of 200mm (8”). This would consolidate to 150mm – 125mm (5” – 6”).


How long will Cushionride last before requiring arena surface top-up?

One of the most frequent questions asked Cushionride is ’When do I need to top up my Cushionride surface?’ Our twenty years' experience shows that this depends on three main factors:


1. The type of construction of the arena

2. The quantity of Cushionride laid initially

3. The usage and type of horse


These matters can be discussed with our technical advisor and he would be able to give you an indication of Cushionride durability. Our own customer’s research shows as a guide for a 20m x 40m arena an allowance of £250.00 a year for maintenance (cost equivalent of five sets of shoes, 35 bales of shavings or 41 bottles of wine).


Does Cushionride work in all weathers?

With over 2,000 installations in the UK our customers have reported that Cushionride is performing extremely well in all weather conditions.


How much Cushionride is needed for 20 x 40m arena at 200mm depth?

160 cubic metres.


What size are the lorries?

We can cater for all different types of access needs from 1 cubic metre bags to 120 cubic metres loose on an artic walking floor. Our most common vehicle for delivery is a wagon and drag. This comprises of a 6-wheeler lorry (size of fire engine) with trailer. This combination of the wagon and drag will give delivery of 80 cubic metres; therefore a 20m x 40m arena will require two deliveries.



How do I construct an arena with Cushionride?

A Cushionride arena can be constructed in the same way as all sand and woodchip arenas. Drainage and membrane are the key factors in arena construction for any surface. We strongly recommend that you seek local expert knowledge in this field as conditions vary throughout the UK.


How long does Cushionride take to deliver?

Due to Extreme demand, the current delivery time for Cushionride® is up to 8 weeks.


Could you use Cushionride as a turn-out paddock?

Cushionride has been used over a number of years in turn-out areas, break in pens, horse walkers and breeding sheds. Please ask for a list of customers who have used Cushionride for these purposes.


How do I maintain my Cushionride arena?

This can be leveled by using either a railway sleeper offset by chains and pulled by horses or quads, an old gate or two lorry tyres bolted together. There is also specialised leveling equipment available. Giffords can also supply a specialized aluminum rake from Switzerland, which can help with maintenance.


When Cushionride is used indoors, compared with some other surfaces, watering is greatly reduced. Generally Cushionride is a low maintenance surface.


Are there any arenas in our area that we can visit?

Over the last 17 years we have supplied Cushionride throughout the Country and in the majority of cases we are able to give a local reference for you.